Adventure Game production

Soon to celebrate its 20th anniversary, KolahStudio stands as a testament to two decades of creative evolution and innovation. Having transitioned into the realms of Alternative comics and Game Design, the studio embarks on this new chapter with a profound aspiration: to connect with a genuine audience characterized by youthful energy and an open-hearted perspective.

Originating as a creative powerhouse within Iran, KolahStudio has since expanded its horizons beyond national borders. The studio’s journey is intricately woven with the tapestry of Iranian history and culture, capturing the essence of years spent operating beneath the skin of Persian cities. Through its various ventures, the studio has provocatively challenged conventions and social norms, leaving an indelible mark on the creative landscape.

Now, as KolahStudio looks ahead, its gaze is fixed firmly on the realm of storytelling. This transition represents a natural progression, a culmination of years spent pushing boundaries and shattering expectations. Each narrative that emerges from the studio’s sanctum carries echoes of the past, a subtle reminder of the unconventional path that has been paved.

The studio’s dedication to crafting narratives that resonate, stories that reverberate with universal themes while still bearing the imprint of its unique perspective, is a testament to its enduring spirit. As the pages turn and the pixels come to life, the next step on this remarkable journey promises to be a testament to the power of creativity, unbridled by limitations and fueled by boundless passion.


A Game Scene Render in Blender

A Game Story board page

Some Game Assets and Gems

A Scene in Unity

Working dialogues in Articy Draft

Testing Light on scene


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