KS Interview With Arofish

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Kolahstudio: You live in london Now, where were you before? can you describe the Street
Art scene in both places?or just choose one?

Arofish: I’ve been in London for 5 years now. It was coming to london that made me want to do street art, when I saw what was here.The street art scene is great here, althought there’s a lot of very derivative, cliched stuff appearing these days. I think that doing graffiti in a place like south Lebanon – where they’ve never seen it before – is going to have a stronger effect than in a place like London, where we are used to it.

Arofish Stencil On WAll / Detail
KS: How did you start Stencil and Spray? What was your first stencil?and are you making any New stencil right Now(these days)?

Arofish: My first one, as I remember, was called “Madonna: Live in Gaza” which showed a woman and child in obviously Arab dress, sitting in the ruins of their home. as I came to graffiti from a background of political activism, my first works were very direct, perhaps propagandist. I tried to get away from that and do more abstract work. But currently I’m working on a piece about the Blackwater scandal (Those mercenary pigs who are killing people in Iraq with no law to govern them). So perhaps it’s a bit of a circle.

KS: Many people may consider your works as political Images but still I think Your Works are Humanistic , more like Alarms for paying attention to Something especial . How do you see those images of War and misery in your Works?what is that especial point?

Arofish: Well, war is quite a fashionable subject for street artists right now; which has its good and bad side. I portray images of war because I’ve spent quite a bit of time in areas of conflict, from Bosnia when I was 21 to Afghanistan this year. it’s what’s in my mind so it’s going to come out in the work. Unfortunately I think a lot of other people are drawing tanks and bombs because it’s trendy. But they reach a audience as well so perhaps I shouldn’t be so negative.

Arofish Stencil in IRAQ

KS: What Do you do for living?do you make money out of art?

Arofish: I do various things. some times I sell a bit of artwork, but it can be less than straightforward. I’m still learning how to play in that world really, and I don’t know how much longer i’ll be doing it. Other times I do a bit of journalism and sometimes labouring work in construction, rigging, etc.

KS: You have been in middle east. Iran is completely Different with Arabic countries you have seen .AS a Visitor to 3 wiered countries of Plastine , lebanon and Iraq. did you found who is Guilty of The war or what is it for?

Arofish: Well, the Iraq war is becoming increasingly complicated but essentially I still believe that American government and businesses want economic and political control of that region.

Arofish / Don't worry      Be Happy
KS: and what do you think or know about Iran.or can you give us the real image you may have about Our country?

Arofish: I know so little about Iran that I shouldn’t really say anything, except that it has a fascinating history and I’d love to come and visit you there one day.

KS: And at last … Do you often work with permission or Illegal?

Arofish: Usually illegal, but I’m getting asked to do more.

KS: Thanks for Your Answers.

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