KS Interview With Stanislav Grezdo

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Stanislav Grezdo is A Czechoslovakian Artist,Already living and working in USA.He is mostly influenced by The history of Eastern Europe and especialy his Country-Slovaki – “A country  that came from paganism through catholicism, feudalism, capitalism, nazism, communism, and many revolutions.
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Kolahstudio: We would be very delighted if you could possibly introduce Stanislav Grezdo a bit more than you wrote in your  web site.
How you tended to produce art in the later life you said?
Stanisla Grezdo : I don’t believe in religions…..I replace religion with art ……and politics with philosophy.I have  my own State…..and I am there as the Minister of Propaganda.And future?…….Future depends on present…. the future is now

KS: Are you happy living in USA  ?

SG: I was happy in any country what I live in. I am a Happy person.
Good thing about English speaking countries is that everything is translated to English and this give me an opportunity to visit libraries and get information from the greatest minds of the world.

KS: Do you consider Yourself  a Socialist Artist/ Person? and what do you think about the Idea of being an artist?

SG: I am a  Socialist  person and a totalitarian  artist  ……..I am the  dictator ………I will decide  what  will be on my paintings and what will not… an artist should follow their visions without compromises.

KS: How do you work? What are your most frequently used tools? and how you start to do your work?

SG: My frequently used tool is my brain…….. The Mind creates pictures……..Do you really want to  know how I started  creating  the pictures?…………….o.k…………..I will  buy a case  of beer for  concentration,  a pack of  cigarettes  for break times, and  I will listen to some  music  to  escape  from  reality……….and then I am  ready  to paint…….(yes ……Eastern European culture)

KS :  What is your idea about Revolutionary art?

SG :Revolutionary art is in opposition of propaganda….. it is a propaganda of resistance……in the same way revolutionary art should have the same qualities as propaganda art….it must be understandable and effective, with a clear idea, good compositions and combinations of color.

Stanislav Grezdo

KS : what is your idea again, about street art?

SG : If it is  making ugly things beautiful – I am for it.If  it is making  beautiful things ugly  – I am against  it.

KS : As you said you lived a life with Propagandas ,prints and in fact everything around you was in the line. Are there any artists or Art Moves affecting your outlook or the visual body you have discovered?

SG : I am affected by every artist what I see. If I like some artist works I am influenced by them and if I don’t like it I just feel better about my self.But my main influence don’t come from visual art……it comes from everything!!!

KS : Can you please explain about the difference between the Art scene in your home town and The art scene in Austin-USA?

SG : Slovakia and USA are two countries with completly different history and way of life. This and many other things reflecting the art-scene.
But people are the same all over the world, they just grow up and live in different cultures and propagandas.I don’t see any major differences in the minds of artists.

KS : I think it would be of great interest to our readers to get acquainted with your ideas , as an Arist, about The World Today.what do you think about This world and The Life?

SG : I don’t understand this world…….But I am trying very hard…. The more I learn about this world less I understand. Also I don’t know what to think about life……. it is too complicated……