KS Interview with Marcia Pinho

September 2004

KolahStudio: Your prehistoric series are very different from your other works tell us about this sari and what inspires you to paint this distinctive works?

M.Pinho : I started a study about the faith and the time. But , the topic is so vast , Therefore I decided to stay in Prehistory!

M Pinho | Brazilian Painter

I am in love with the Art of Prehistory , I am in love with the innocence I am in love with way that they lived , I am in love with the things they believed in. All they used to be demonstrated with the Art. The man needs to express his feelings , his dreads , his findings.I think that I am picking the veritable origin from my work.

KolahStudio: What inspires you to art and painting?

M.Pinho : The man inspires me. In spite of act a part things a good deal ugly , of no respect each other , I believe in the beauty interior of the human. The smile of a child inspires me , the touch by one caress , the hot by one hug. The man is very beautiful , in spite of his greed.

KolahStudio: Which artists have influenced your development?

M.Pinho : In Brazil, Iberê Camargo, Candido Portinari. In world, Bernini, Münch, Matisse, Cezanne, Picasso, Rodin and Van Gogh.

KolahStudio: Are you satisfied with what you show through your painting?

M.Pinho : I am never satisfied with what I show in my painting… I am always looking for making a better work, I am always looking for better feelings, better colors to represent my dreams…

KolahStudio: Can you tell us more about your learning( from life and art)?

M.Pinho : I Have learnt that there is always something to learn . In Art, everything can teach you, in the past and now. I am studying Art History and I am in love more and more…

Marcia Pinho

I am reading about life of some Artists: Rodin, Lasar Segall and Caravaggio.I finished a Painting Course and I want to do Drawing and Carving.My studies about Prehistory haven’t finished yet, There is much left to know. But I realized that when I make my Expressionist Paints… I feel free… for create…

I would like to have more contact with the artists around the world, so I am working in Project of NGO, that also will make Exchanges Culture, this is my next step! In life, I have learnt from my sons, they teaches me new things everyday, It is fantastic.

KolahStudio: What’s the most challenging part of experiencing this way of life?

M.Pinho : Undress my feelings before of all. Expose my dreads, my dreams and again wait be understood.The world is undergoing a process of transformation. The art comes accompanying this process , but I think this maybe wherefore the Art being so ugly , forced , agressive , individualized.I think that largest I dare in be Artist is awakening emotions on the people , to make them feel the one to you feel , so when I paint , I seek the best of me , as I would like act a part the people we’ll feel good emotions , blissfulness , desire , hope.

M Pinho

KolahStudio: What do you do for fun ,beside art?

M.Pinho : I care a lot for about shows of Rock n’ Roll and “MPB” (Brazilian Popular Music) so I go to the shows of Rock & MPB , theater , cinema & exhibitions. I live Art all time. Also I have two sons, Olivia and Thiago , then also I do programs for them if we’ll divert.

KolahStudio: Thanks.