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Kelly Moore Is an Arkansas Artist . “i’m not really an Artist…” he claims . His works are mustly contain litter , wire , matches and strange things . We must think he is not an artist and Have an interview with Kelly.

Kolahstudio : I think you said”eye am not an artist” or something like this .what happened to you which guided you  to publish raw art by Kelly Moore?

Kelly Moore: it was an accident, i am not really an artist just someone trying to get thru life without falling down so often.  and my work is much the same, full of human flaw, imperfections, cuts, lesions….I think being human is quite under rated

Art By Kelly Moore
Kolahstudio : Are you happy with the coyote nature  you have?

Kelly Moore :yes, coyotes are tricksters. i am the anti serious in that regard.  eye play real hard with my art but art is very serious to mee.   Eye am like a coyote like that.  Eye will chase my tail, grin at you and then bite you in the ass if you are not paying attention .

Kolahstudio :  What was the first time you considered your self as a Artist or Something In the line?or when you accept the folk who called you an artist?

Kelly Moore : hmmmmm…eye consider many three year olds to be artist.  sooner or later if you make enough paintings someone will think you are important

Kolahstudio : How do you work?What are your most frequently used tools? and how you start to do your work?

Kelly Moore : my most frequently used tools are matches, kerosene and hammers.  paint is good also.

Kelly Moore

Kolahstudio :  Do you earn a living out of painting? If so, would “Kelly Moore
give up Art one day?

Kelly Moore : yes, eye have many angels out there who support my vision including a wonderful gallery here in santa fe new mexico .  eye would not know what to do if i didnt create so eye cant imagine not doing that

Kolahstudio : What is your idea about “Francis Bacon”?

Kelly Moore : never met the man

Kolahstudio : what is your idea again, about street art?

Kelly Moore : i am for art in the street, art  in the highway, art in the church, art in the bedroom and art in the grocery store.  dont care how or where we get it, we just need alot of it in these strange times

Kolahstudio :  Are there any artists or thinkers  affecting your outlook
or the visual body you have discovered?( we can see some qoutes  in your website but can you name some of them?)

Kelly Moore : Joseph Campbell, Khalil Gibran, Rumi….poets and mystics are my friends

Kolahstudio : I think it would be of great interest to our readers to get
acquainted with your ideas , as an Eye , about The World Today.what do
you think about This world and The Life?

Kelly Moore : we are all in this together and the sooner we sea that the better.  and as such, my little itsy bitsy part of the big Eye will bee about opening my vision to my true self and encouraging others to do the same.

Kolahstudio :  What do you know about IRAN?

Kelly Moore: Iran is like most places in the world i would assume.  people are people and we gotta get along.  i am very happy to make the acquaintance of the people in your world as eye am afraid alot of people think badly of americans.

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