Now Based in Europe ,graffiti artist A1one was one of the first to put spray can to wall to express his artistic vision in the Middle East. A1one’s experimentation with graffiti on the streets of Tehran began in 1995, but it was not until 2003 when it was evident that street art was his artistic form of communication he wanted to experience. Sadly his boundary pushing caught the eye of the authorities who were none too keen on this new form of artistic expression. A1one was subsequently kidnapped by Iranian plainclothes intelligence service guards and interrogated for two weeks. Upon being freed, A1one had no other choice but to resort to a life in exile in Europe. A1one still pushes the boundaries and steadfastly shuns the current power structure of Iran in addition to the authority-backed urban fine art mural scene which he feels marginalizes real graffiti art.
He says, “In 2003, I began protesting against silence, fear and the fact that real people—my people–had no voice. I wanted my voice back, and I knew I had to risk it all to raise my voice.” You can find examples of A1one’s artwork in Iran, India, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, Czech and Cuba.
Check A1one Website : www.a1one.info