Esmaeil Bahrani- Painter

Ismaeil Bahrani- Painter/Illustratore

Ismaeil Bahrani is one of those talented Artists I like to show to KolahStudio visitors.Ismaeel was woking with pen,ink,acrylic and oil color while painting or illustration for about 6 years while Kolahstudio discovered His works at a UniversityCafe friendly talk and Invited him to come with Kolahstudio to experience the painting in The Street without permissiomn.After some talks and apointments Esi agreed to experience this type of painting(urban art) and get involved in our experimental project. It was His first Experience on  painting walls and helped us spread the taste between Iranian Young artists and freethinkers.His work on paper and wall looks amazing as he has his own taste rooting back to Francis bacon and Zen painting so that makes his works totally different from many other Artists who work in streets.

Ismaeil Says :”In the last years , I focused mostly on Drawing ,it means ,This is the Line which is mostly made my works .(I have gone through using lines more than Surfaces in my life , from childhood scrawls to writing Homework in school years &…)

… On my way , I Have learnt that “drawing “ is a practice to see better and a quality like looking is a good subject for Thoughts and Senses ,which can be observed in the works of Francis Bacon , David Hockney and Rene Magrit. :Bacon , because of his suitable use of cubist Patterns and the consciousness he made about some cubism processes .Hockney because of intervals he made in his works.And Magrit, who gave a different quality to substances. (Battle of Aragon 1959)”

Public Exhibitions
Solo exhibition Tarahan Azad Art Gallery 2003 Tehran
Group Exhibition Aban Art Gallery 2004 Tehran
Kolahstudio Group Exhibition 2005 Tehran
Abbey Oberive At Miam  2007 France