KS Interview With Blu

به فارسی بخوا نید

Blu who is from Bologna, Italy, is known for his large comic style rather surreal and agressive pictures on walls in public spaces. The pictures usually carry a political or moral statement.

Kolahstudio: Do you live in Italy? Would you please Describe the Street Art Scene in your City?And when did you started your Career?

Blu: Yes I live in Italy. I started with graffiti 10 years ago.What you can see on the street are mostly graffiti pieces and tags, graffiti are almost everywhere in Italy, you can find it even in small towns. In the bigger cities there are also other kind of street art and people experimenting different languages and using different medias. On one side there is a good quality and many original ideas, on the other side “street art” is a fashion product so most of the people are just doing it because is “cool”, hope this “street art” game will end soon.


KS: Are your works illegal Or you always get permission to do your walls?

Blu: In the past I was working almost only illegally, going out during the night or painting abandoned building, there are also many occupied places where you can be free and paint what you want. Then in the last year more and more permissions and commissions are coming so I often work in a official way.

KS: Any influences? Do you like any Especial Gener on visual Art or any Particular Visual Artist?

Blu: I started doing art thanks to graffiti and comics so that’s my main background but I like art in general. I have a special passion for animation works.


KS: It seems you are in a Great travel-Megunica- across latin America .Why did you choose These Countries? and how you see people there?

Blu: We where interested in searching for public art, especially street painting, in those countries that have such a strong wall painting tradition. Especially in central America, painting walls is still a common work, it is used mainly for advertising because is still cheaper than printing billboards, in Europe this thing has disappeared in the past century.
We were sure to find a perfect place for painting, and that is what we actually found.

KS: What are your Basic Materials for wall paintings and how do you paint that big?

Blu: I basically use just black and white water based paint, a roller and some brushes, I draw using a long pole with a brush on the top, if the wall is really big I use a scaffold or maybe a mechanical platform.


KS: Do you make money out of Your Art? And are you ok with this situation?

Blu:  At the moment I can live with my work. I sell some drawings and I make the money I need to go on with my projects.
I try to avoid other kind of works such as commissions from companies and advertising, which is something i don’t really like.
I’m not economically rich but I’m billionaire in happiness .

KS: How do you see the World today? any personal viewpoints or thoughts you have?(i think you show this in your paintings but better if you can talk about it for us)

Blu: You’ re right, my painting are reflecting more than what I could say with words. Personally I try live without making violence on anyone. I see two really dangerous things in the world: fear and rage. Everyone can be easily controlled through these emotions, especially in this historical moment.


KS: Do you have any advice for young Street Artists especially in places where the movement has just began?

Blu: Street art doesn’t exist, there is just you and the world outside. Do what you like in the best way and think about what you are doing.

KS: Thanks a lot For putting your time to answer Our questions.any Final comments or Words?

Blu: Don’t lose your time reading these last words.

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