Images of Twins and Duality

Photo by Andrew logan 

Photoby Andrew logan

Heavenly Twins From The book of Fixed Stars by : AbdulRahman al-Sufi ,From The 13 century .

Abdul rahman Al Sufi

The Contrast between Moon and Sun and Night and day in Alchemical Writings and manuscripts Shows the Duality that completes and creats an unevenmatch,locked in see-saw action

alchemical Script

 Brancusi‘s “The Kiss” in stone (1908) shows the twinned soul lovers melded into a monolithic unit ,yet retaining a single bounding(sex,identity,self/Other)

There is some unstated principle,it seems controlling the interplay of self love and narcissism.But when the necessary dynamic of narcissism becomes too strong ,it can twist into agon and homo-erotic obsession and tortuous self-loathing.Portrait Of George Dyer in Mirror By Francis Bacon 1967-8

Painting By Francis

Sedna Eskimo Ocean Godess,is veritable glyph of biological generation : half Sperm,half ovum filled with zygotic eggs ,she nurses her two headed progeny


Twins may form in seperate placenrae(fraternal) or in a shared placentae(identical),each with their own umbilical cords.In some cases .however ,the umbilical cords will become triangled,giving cler evidance for the mythological theme of twins battling in the womb.


Two headed human births may have inspired ancient representation of two headeed dieties ,but The archetype of duality transcends the rare case of biological twinning and points directly to the ambivalent nature of the sacred.(double headed Goddess from Gomolava)

Two headed goddess