About DeeVaar ( 54:00 Minutes)

With the development of Graffiti and StreetArt in Iran and gradually in the Middle Eastern countries during the last decade and with the growth of the Street Art Market on the one hand and the awareness of the Iranian government of this Phenomenon on the other hand , which caused some life threatening problems for Me and some close friends of mine, I thought to make a video documentary about us.

Deevaar is an Iranian Insider Graffiti Documentary aiming to show the real prospective of what the graffiti scene in Iran is like. What the Artists and graffiti kids think about themselves and what they are doing and how they are being recognized from outside. The shooting of the footages for this film started in 2009 ,although you may still see some of the older footages in this Video.

Although Film production in Iran needs permission from different governmental organizations ,this film is made with no permission.Unlike many other movies ,you do not see any fake scenes .All the Scenes in the Video have been recorded as they really happened.


This documentary is Not made for the Market.This is an ongoing experimental Art/Research project made to be shared with Social studies-Art ,video,Anthropology students and researchers. In making of deevar we did not try to make a fake and popular vision toward things.

There is no Public version of this Video

This is an ongoing Project .We are still accepting video enteries from Iran.
if you feel you are with us and want to help us develop our archive,You can feel free to contact us using the contact info .

People Who Helped us or were included

Produced in Kolahstudio by A1one
Artists in the Country of IRAN.
Interviews with Artists and Writers :
,PST,Tajassom,Negative,Gerekoor,Keloz,Salome,ElfCrew and
Some Young Artists have been taken out of the original
video due to their personal requests.

The Music used in this Movie is taken from the Iranian
Music Scene ( mostly the Underground Conscious HipHop)

Special Thanks To
Ehsan M.G
Mehrin and Arte Gallery,