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Phisycal/Live Screening Q/A

If you are a European research Organization, University faculty,Art Gallery,Independant art group etc. you can just contact us to arrange a movie Screening plan. We accept screenings and discussion sessions all around the world. just contact us.

Remeber it is not a Commercial We do not seek following the rules and sell out.

Online Screening and Q/A

For those interested in organizing online screenings of our documentary movie, we are pleased to offer a private YouTube password that is valid for four hours. With this passkey, you can access the film from the comfort of your own home or office, and share it with your audience in a secure and controlled manner.

The cost for the YouTube passkey is 200 Euros, and it is designed for those who want to host a screening without a Q/A session. If you are interested in a more interactive experience, we also offer an online screening package that includes a 45-minute Q/A session with the film's director or another member of the team. The price for this package is 500 Euros.

We believe that our film has an unique content to share, and we are excited to work with individuals and organizations who want to bring this message to their research or study collective. Please contact us to arrange for an online screening and to discuss your specific needs and requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

In order to Contact us for arranging screenings or any further questions,cooperations or just asking us questions about whatever you think is related to this documentary you can use thie email:


Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a ticket for an online or live screening, or booking an interview, you agree not to record, distribute, or reproduce the content in any form without our permission. Any unauthorized recording or reproduction of the content may result in legal action.

You May also want Donate to this project

donation would be through your Work or Money.

this means that You can donate original photo,Videos which you own and you have the copyright to it to our Archive or You may like to donate some money to fund our future project or let us develope this project more further

for that you mayuse the paypal account studio<@>kolahstudio<dot>com