Bahman Mohassess | Iranian Painter and Sculptor's Life

Bahman Mohassess 1931


Iranian Painter and Sculptor


Bahman Mohassess was born in Rasht , the capital city of Gilan on the shores of the Caspian Sea , on March 1st, 1931. When he reached the age of fourteen years he started attending the shop of Mohammed Habib Mohammadi, a painter who had studied at the Moscow Arts Academy .


Having moved to Teheran with his family, Mohassess attended for a few months the Teheran Arts Academy ; at that time he contributed to the “Fighting Cock” that represented the Iranian artistic vanguard and founded the weekly magazine “The Rooster’s claw”.

Bahman Mohassess 

He has lived through the years of the oil nationalization in Iran . In 1954 he came to Europe and stopped in Italy .There he attended the Rome Arts Academy and started attending for a few months the arts study of Ferruccio Ferrazzi. He has prepared a s eries of one-man shows and has also participated in various collective shows both in Italy and abroad, among which, the Biennale of Venice , Sao Paulo and Paris

Bahman Mohassess 

In 1963, hoping to create a s timulating and responsable artistic movement in Iran , he moved to Teheran where he started an intense cultural and artistic activity. Besides taking part in art shows and conferences, he has translated for his Country from the Italian language the works of Pirandello, Malaparte, Calvino and Pavese and from French he translated the works of Jonesco and Jenet. He has staged the works “The Chairs” by Jonesco, “An occurrence in the City of Goga ” by Grum and, in 1967, on the centennial anniversary from Pirandello’s birth, he staged his “Henry the IV”.

Bahman Mohassess 

Being impossible for him to continue his activities in Iran , in 1969 he returned to Europe . He has, therefore, established his residence in Rome , where he lives and works. Now , His works can be found in Europe , in the United States of America and in his own Country.


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