Dandoon is the Name of the new Artist released Limited edition of 50 unique books created by Karan Reshad. here you can Check  the English Preface to the book together with 9 images out of the 70 images printed in this book. if you like to Purchase the book it is now on  Presale at A1one.de  After the Presale  we will increase the price of the book and an Exhibition/Book Opening will be held in Essen,Germany.




“The present book, released independently in a limited number of 50 editions, includes a series of  imagery over a period of a year and a half, the inspiration behind which derives from two painful incidents : exile and toothache. During this stage of my life I tried to somehow document my mental , inner and emotional transformations as my attitude towards society and dealing with pain was changing. Pain can lead to captivity and captivity subsequently can inflict pain. Life in exile is a pain that gives more depth to every moment and everyday of your life and in case of negligence can easily drag you into pitch darkness. Pondering upon captivity on the one hand and wrestling with pain on the other, made me seek inner solace and to look for hope in lines and forms. This constant inner quest resulted in the discovery of peace and nothingness and I was awakened to the fact that how absurd and delusive everything can be. There is a poem flowing through life that can be sought. The invisible relationship between life phenomena and its documentation can give us a more vivid and broader image of the poem within life, the discovery and perception of which can merely be possible within a visual context and through symbols, textures and forms, rather than verbal and literary means of expression. I found solitude the best realm to seek out the rarest types of feelings and insights.I realized that documentation of mental and intellectual experiences could provide me with adequate concepts and symbols to be able to relate to myself visually. Breaking free from getting tamed happens only when the artist possesses the capability to suspend the relation between him and the society at anytime and immerse in his loneliness and conceive his own individual concepts and ideas. I could endure this distressing phase of my life more easily with the help of this daily visual record, which is meant to reflect my inner sensations and feelings rather than targeting an audience. This series was created daily; thus, it should be viewed in the same way as well because these works have  neither a graphical nor an illustrative or decorative nature. I believe that in every single line of these images one can easily find traces of someone distancing more and more from the society and retreating further into his shell. The lines and forms that you see represent this long rough winding path.”

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