Transparent Thoughts

Influenced by so many artists of different genres, from Alternative/Indie Rock, to Heavy Metal, from Disco Punk, to Elctro-Dance Rock, from Hip-Hop, to Electronica and Trip-hop, Behrooz Moosavi And Kamyar Keramati joined together and formed Langtunes in 2009 basically as a cover band. After an underground performance in the winter of 2009 they decided to move on and started to work on their own music. After recording four songs, and working with different sets of session members, they finally came to a full line up with Garen Abnous, Behnam Biabangardi and Hamid Pakdel. They went on a Tour in Istanbul and played four live shows. In 2012, They played 2 sets of shows in Iran, Released their first demo cd called “Sentimental Disaster” and did a Germany and Turkey summer tour. Check them at Facebook if you enjoy What they do:

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